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Here we help companies connect with their customers, in a pleasant and profitable way.

Understand how User Experience can improve your business

What do we do?

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UX Design

Solving real problems with design

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UI Design

Interface design and evaluation

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Video script, editing and construction

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Social Media

Content management and creation

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5 Years

Consolidating Kavicki’s brand and processes

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If there are SO MANY people selling SO MANY products and services with SO MANY options, what makes a customer choose you?


The experience. This decision-making surpasses the product itself. Customer experience is based on emotional and cognitive factors related to the purchase. Before, during and after.


So to stand out the key is to reach multiple people. With this, the process of automation of services is increasingly used. The objective is to increase productivity and facilitate customer service. But for that, you must understand your customers better and better and their motivations for buying a product or hiring a service.

We turn goals and data into results

And this is possible through a consistent work framework focused on UX (User Experience). This methodology comes from the principles of design thinking and through various analyses, research and experimentation helps several companies to improve the quality of life of people around the world.

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Diversity and Values

At Kavicki we have a team from different areas that values ​​the user and their journey. We are guided by the development pipelines in UX Design. We believe that people are the center of every interaction and our role is to capture their needs and build incredible experiences. And with that, we want to innovate every day and promote an environment of constant creation and learning.

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