Assisted and Intelligent pollination for sustainable agriculture

AgroBee’s mission is to promote integration in the countryside between rural producers and beekeepers, creating a relationship of mutual gains, promoting sustainable agriculture and preserving the environment. More than 70% of agricultural crops depend at some level on the pollination process carried out by bees, nature’s main pollinating agents. AgroBee brings technology and innovation to introduce a new efficient management in the field, with technique and safety.

The challenge

The Agrobee team came to us with a tool that they were already using to implement pollinations in the field, but both for them and for the users there were features that did not directly meet the needs of the users, making the process a little rigid and inefficient. At that moment, we mapped all possible information about the company, users and activities to understand how we could improve the experience.

Data acquisition and research

After mapping everything, we identified possibilities for improvement and corrections that should be made in the application. Considering in the foreground the real context of the users. For this, we conducted interviews and collected data from Agrobee’s contact base, thus having not only the business point of view but also a little of the perception of the daily life of beekeepers and street products.

The difficulties

Application only works online

Crops and Farms Registration Dificulties

Absence of Geographical Orientation

Lack of clarity on features

For rural producers, registering the property and demarcating the crop in the application was a task that was often performed by the Agrobee team itself, which resulted in a costly and time-consuming process since the company did not have a continuous flow of registrations and service.

For the beekeepers, there were few functionalities to help them deliver the colonies to the farms, depending not only on an internet connection all the time but also on the guidance of one of the team members for positioning the colonies.

Solution Process

After mapping, understanding, talking and actually having more information about the daily life and business objectives with the tool. We were then able to idealize functionalities and search for technologies that would bring value in a practical way for users and the Company.

Crop Management

More control and flexibility in registering, editing and managing crops on farms with a dedicated area associating the main pollinated crops with their properties.

Farm Management

Full control of the properties, with georeferencing, weather forecast and facilities for pollination requests.

Colony management and evaluation

Visualization, registration and management of the amounts of available colonies and totals of the api[ary. Assessment of the quality of frames with Artificial Intelligence. Developed in partnership with Unicamp's CPQD

Income Generation and Sustainability

Through requests breeders decide if they want to allocate their colonies in a pollination and receive for the allocation period

The results

The new version of the application was highly receptive both by users and by the Agrobee team. The performance and implementation of the final features is ongoing and the whole project has taken about 2 years to the current stage that led Agrobee to receive the Purpose Before Profit Award from The E2E Global Scale-Up Awards in the year 2022 with the application and intelligent processes.

Were you curious?

Access the application prototype or download directly from the Play Store or App Store