Control and ease for adult content creators.

Conceived as a solution for adult content creators and market consumers, the BFF lounge is a subscription management system with a publication feed, in addition to having several functionalities that facilitate the management, organization and publication of the material produced. Focusing on the simplicity and efficiency of the interface.

The goal

The BFF was already in production when we were approached by the responsible team and after determining the initial guidelines we were given the challenge of reformulating and redefining part of what was already in progress and building other flows to complement the application. The application runs in a Web environment, which facilitates interface development and helps optimize responsiveness for mobile browsers. We had as reference the main sites for content creators such as Facebook, Onlyfans, Instagram and Twitter.

Wireframes and Style Guide

At first, we gave priority to understanding the structure of the interface and organizing the content. For this, we built a wireframe in the form of a low-fidelity prototype to validate with the team. Then we moved on to building the style guide for the project, which would guide all the visual choices for the interface.

Access the prototype of the application in the links:



Style Guide

The difficulties

Understand the main practices of the market

Capturing all the needs of content creators

Optimize the display of earnings information

Make the Experience smooth and organized

Content creators needed to be able to easily manage subscriptions, payments, followers, messages and publications. What until then was done in a confusing and inefficient way. The interface still had old and inflexible components, which made understanding the interactions confusing.

For the idealizers, being able to moderate, manage and support users was essential to have a knowledge base that could interactively clarify the main doubts and problems that could occur. That too considering a lightweight and aesthetically pleasing interface

The solution

For each type of interaction, we sought to optimize the visualization, with this it was possible to build modular blocks that adapted to each use within the interface. Thus ensuring a constant and solid experience through all features.

Feed with Infinite Scroll and integrated profile

Content feed with direct integrations for tips, comments, comment moderation. Profile with packages and display of available subscription products.

General Control of Earnings and Subscribers

Complete visualization by graphs and simplified extract of transactions.

Messages and Broadcast Lists

Direct contacts and instant messages right in the interface. Transmission lists with the possibility of sending photos, videos and multimedia messages.

Help Center and Knowledge Base

Complete collection of documentation and information on the use of the platform, financial issues and all possible questions from users.

Payment Management

Full control of cards, payments and withdrawals made on the platform, both for creators and consumer users.

Data and Account Control

Access to personal settings, password and registration. Ensuring user freedom and control.

The results

Today BFFLounge is one of the main sources of adult content on the internet and is a 100% Brazilian solution reaching different audiences and users across the country.

Were you curious?

Access the application prototype or download directly from the Play Store or App Store